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17 April: A BRIEF INTRODUCTION TO SHAMANISM with Spirit of the Sacred Drum

Have you ever felt that there was more to life than just the physical world? Have you felt awe in the natural world, had a sense of aliveness in all living things? Perhaps you have felt a calling....but a calling to what? Shamanism, a powerful earth based spirituality, helps lead you back to truth….back to your soul and authentic self.
Learn more about the power of shamanism and how it can help you awaken you to the beauty and wonder of life and how you can learn to live more in balance and from the place of your soul.

Rick and Sheila Blackwell are shamanic practitioners based in West Yorkshire. We will be giving a brief introduction to Shamanism - the role of a Shaman, an insight into Shamanic Healing and how it can help to heal and empower your life and a little bit about the Shamanic journey- there will be an opportunity to experience a shamanic journey to the beat of the drum!

15 May: VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE with Kate Herbert

“Going to Jack Temple was a life-enhancing experience.  He cured me, my sister, my mother and my children of all our ailments.  He is a genius worker.” - Jerry Hall
“Why live in misery when the power of nature is all around?”

During vibrational medicine the cause of your priority symptom is treated. Dowsing is used to find the cause of the illness, then your body is balanced energetically by removing any negative influences and putting positive vibrations in that resonate with healthy body tissues. So allowing your body to heal itself. The medicine is always completely safe; using only the resonance of nature’s pharmacy to cure.

You will have personalised health information to take home with you, for your benefit after the session.


Sonja will talk about nutrition and it’s relation to health including the importance  of the gut to overall health, especially the immune system, the brain, and the limbic system which controls the emotions. She will address various aspects of health and disease and how to maintain health physically, mentally and emotionally.
Included in the talk will be information about deficiencies, diet, supplements and supporting  overall health.

Sonja will also discuss mental health; dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and how to help prevent these.

July: Summer Dinner - Date and Venue to be confirmed.

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