March / April 2017

PLEASE NOTE: In the event of adverse weather conditions, please ring to confirm that the meeting will still be taking place.

21 March: AN INTRODUCTION TO QUIGONG (Chi Kung) with Alison Loncan

Qi (chi) is the foundation for Traditional Chinese Medicine, building on the belief that sickness arises when an individuals vital body energy is unbalanced or stagnant.

The  Chinese have many symbols that are in daily use as a reference for a long and healthy life, and you are invited to join Alison in this interactive session which will explore  a series of 10 exercises  - a moving meditation which will help to promote good health and aid relaxation.

18 April: JOURNEY THROUGH THE CHAKRAS with Emmalene Katayama BA (Hons) MIFPA

An invitation to explore your Chakras in a multidimensional sensory way, integrating different dimensions of your being on the path toward wholeness and self-empowerment. Locate which chakras may be out of balance and gain insights into what your personal spiritual lessons may be, as well as equip yourself with various tools to incorporate into your every day to bring them into alignment.

Emmaline Katayama is a Spiritual and Shamanic Healing Practitioner, Holistic Aromatherapist, Principal and Main Tutor, Yorkshire School of Natural Healing

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