March / April 2016

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Every organisation, place and person in Britain has a name. These names are energies which can be understood through numerology. Combine this with the visible presence of the Elements and the long traditions of magic and mysticism and we are able to read the past, present and future of the country we all inhabit.

Some of the ideas and possibilities might surprise you, yet they all add up to a fascinating picture of the nation during these turbulent times.
Richard’s accompanying book Great Britain & The Secret Destiny of the British & Their Isles, will be published around this time.

19 April: FACE READING with Anna-Louise Haigh

Did you know that the shape and size of every feature on your face is like a chapter tells the story of you….the real, inner you? Face Reading is all about discovering the hidden messages that awaken your deeper character, natural talents, life enjoyment, and health and even your soul path. Face Reading is not about facial expressions or giving a psychic reading. It is something that everyone can learn and every therapist should at least know the basics.

Join veteran Face Reading pioneer, Anna-Louise Haigh for a hugely informative and insightful discovery into the world of Face Reading. You will walk away with new awareness of yourself, and be able to use your new knowledge to enhance your understanding and treatment of your clients. You will gain this by having had the chance to experience the practical aspect of face reading basics.

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