January / February /March 2018

PLEASE NOTE: In the event of adverse weather conditions, please ring to confirm that the meeting will still be taking place.

16 January: 

Cancelled due to bad weather

20 February:

Annie is looking forward to a new flow of manifesting energy starting in 2018. Join her to find out how this energy year will help you bring in all that you require and desire. Which month will be best for expansion and which month will be the time to retreat from the world? When are energy shifts going to happen? And how to make the most of 2018 for all of your dreams. Using a mix of astrology, energy reading and guidance from the Earth's Guardian Angels let Annie 'read' 2018 for you.

20th March:  THE WONDER OF SOUND - A GONG BATH with Kath Reade

Kath is a Sound Practitioner and GongMaster with a growing following in Hebden Bridge and elsewhere. Kath will  briefly talk about the power of sound frequencies to bring more harmony and balance to body, mind, and soul.

She will play sacred sound instruments such as Gongs, Tibetan Singing Bowls, the 528hz Love frequency, and use the healing power of the voice. Not to be missed!

There is plenty of floor space so you are welcome to bring a blanket to add to the enjoyment of the meditations.

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